Spin to win in this simple, one-button puzzler!

Click (or touch!) to spin your Rotato-Walkers as you search for batteries to fully charge up! Watch out though, the Buff Baddies will bump you around and reverse your polarity - use this to your advantage to reach tricky spots. You can only spin one direction at a time, and only one Rotato-Walker can orbit the other. How will you charge them up?

Play how you like:

Can you get the fastest time? How about trying a different challenge - fewest bonks or the ever-difficult fewest steps? Post your best scores below and see if you can 'circle up' the competition!


Rotato-Walkers was made in 48 hours for GMTKJam-2021 using the Godot game engine.



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Interesting way to move. Pretty cool. 2:38.92 time. My mum liked the wiggly legs!