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Welcome to my submission to UP-Jam 2017.

The theme for the Jam was The Enemy is You, and I thought of the mind games that come into play with competitive games. In a lot of competitive games, especially competitive video games, it is often yourself who is causing your failures by falling into predictable trends.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is one of the most basic competitive games. At first, it seems like a completely random game - you compare choices and either you or your opponent wins (or there is a tie!) However, more competitive players will learn the trends that their opponent follows, often without knowing their knowledge!

So, ultimately, you are playing yourself - does he know I typically follow Rock with Scissors? Can she find patterns I accidentally fall into? Even the difficult AI attempts to predict your move based on your past.

On top of this, the time restriction and building pressure causes you to make mistakes in your choice, or even not making a move at all! When the pressure builds, you are your own worst enemy.

Additionally, you and your opponent have the exact same tools and restrictions. There isn't a difference between the two, almost as if your opponent is you...

Currently I've uploaded  prototype builds after the first few days of development. Since I won't have a full day Saturday to work on it, I'm mostly going to focus on cleaning it up to be presentable.

Final build is ready!

Thanks for checking it out!

The source is available on github, It was made with the Godot engine.

Tools used were:

  • Godot
  • BeepBox
  • Paint.Net
  • Audacity
  • Marmoset Hexels
  • SourceTree
  • Github
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Rock-Paper-Speedup 16 MB
Day1 Prototype Build 16 MB
Day2 90% Build 50 MB
Day3 99% Build 50 MB

Install instructions

Currently only a Windows build.


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