Get doggin' around town in Doggy Driver! There's hounds with places to be, and there's only one taxi service available - you! Pick up passengers from around town and drop them off where they need to be! Watch out though, the maze-like grid of one-way roads and city traffic will slow you down. Sniff out the best routes for a better score, and see if you can chase your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Oh, and did I mention you've only got one speed - GO? Good luck!

How to Play:

The entire city is made up of only one-way roads! This means that you'll follow the flow of traffic so figure out the best ways to get to the pick-up and drop-off pins to maximize your score. Collisions with traffic mean you'll slow down, but since they also follow the roads you can use the arrows to guess where things are going to get tricky and avoid an accident! If you don't know where to go, there's no need to howl - the next pick-up or drop-off location will be shown on the edge of the screen.


Control your taxi by choosing to turn left or right when you reach an intersection. If you can make the turn, then you'll start following the next road, otherwise you'll go straight (or make a turn if there are no other options). Hold down the turn keys as you cross the intersections, and release them to go straight.

The keys for turning left are:

A, J, ←

The keys for turning right are:

D, L, →

Got It?

Just remember-

Only one speed - GO

Only one-way streets - drive carefully!

Only one doggy going to only one place at a time

Heck, even the radio has only one song on it - rumor has it there's only one note...


Doggy Driver - windows.zip 15 MB
doggy_driver_linux.zip 18 MB

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